Dodecamethyl Cyclohexasiloxane For Personal Care Industry

Dodecylcyclohexasiloxane is a volatile polydimethylene oxide mixture, mainly composed of cyclohexasiloxane cyclopentasiloxane. This product is clear, non-toxic, odorless, non-greasy and has no tingling.

Detalji o proizvodu

a. Volatile carrier

b. low surface force

c. compatible with cost of various cosmetics


Gives the skin a soft and silky feel, dry, non-greasy, good spreadability

Technical Parameters:

AppearanceColorless transparent liquid
Relative Density (25℃)0.950~0.960
Viscosity(CS 25℃)3-8
Refractive Index(25℃)1.3850-1.4050
Surface Tension(25℃)20.8


a. skin care

b. sunscreen

c. makeup

d. deodorant and antiperspirant conditioning and other products


It can be used directly as a carrier, main raw material, or as an additive; it can also be used in an aqueous system by emulsification.

Packing Details:

1. 25Kgs / plastic drum; 200Kgs / plastic drum ; 1000Kgs / IBC Package.

2. We can also customize special package according to your requirement.